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Our body needs various nutrients to function properly. A balanced diet contains all these nutrients and keeps our body healthy.

A proper diet for the body that contains all the nutrients include:

  • Fresh Fruits

  • Whole grains

  • Nuts

  • Fresh Vegetables

  • Legumes

  • Lean proteins

  • Dairy

  • Oils

Don’t stick to a specific food daily. Eat different foods. Only a single food can’t keep you healthy.


What are Calories?

It is a measurement of energy stored in a food. These calories in our body are used for various purpose i.e. walking, breathing, and many other functions.

To maintain a healthy weight, 200 calories are required for an average person. However, the required calorie intake may vary depending on many various factors such as age and gender.

Importance of balanced Diet:

To work effectively, all organs and tissues in our body need proper nutrition. Without proper nutrition, the body will become weak and ultimately result in infection, fatigue, various disease, and poor performance.

Children with poor diet or low nutrition will suffer from growth problems. Their body will not function properly. The brain will be affected. If nutrition not improved in a specific life span, they will face problems throughout their lives.

Lack of exercise and poor diet is increasing cases of diabetes and obesity in the United States of America. If you can’t consume too much food or have digestive problems, try bone broth. It is easily digestible and rich in nutrients.

A poor diet can create serious health problems such as

  • Heart disease

  • Stroke

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

For more food-related blogs, visit Best Food Blogs.

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