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What are the Common Skin Disorders and Home Remedies to Prevent It 

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Skin disorders are very common and vary greatly in severity and symptoms. They can be painful and permanent sometimes. In some cases, skin disorders are temporary and painless.

Some skin problems are genetic. While some problems are due to specific situations. Some skin problems are life-threatening and some conditions are minor. If you have any skin problems, take it seriously and consult a doctor.

Types of Skin Disorders:

There are many skin disorders, here in this article, we will discuss some of them.


  • Acne commonly affects the face, shoulders, upper back, neck, and chest.

  • It can create blackheads, pimples, painful cysts, whiteheads, or deep nodules.

  • It can destroy skin cells if they remain untreated or it can leave scars on the skin.



  • It can affect any part of the body.

  • It can create a fluid-filled area on the skin. The watery area of the skin may be vesicle or bulla. In simple words, It could be more than 1 cm or less than 1 cm.

  • It may occur alone or it may occur in a cluster.


Actinic Keratosis:

  • It is bigger than the blister.

  • It makes crusty skin and usually appears on hands, face, neck, arms, and scalp. Because these parts are usually exposed to sunlight.

  • Usually, it is pink in color.



  • It creates irritated lump, red in color and very painful.

  • It can cause body aches, fever in some cases, and fatigue.

  • It can cause oozing.



  • If your skin is affected with eczema, you will see white or yellow scaly patches on your kin. These patches will flake off slowly.

  • Affected areas may be itchy, rashy, oily, reddish, or greasy.

  • Hair loss may occur in the affected area.


What are the Symptoms and Causes?


  • Due to bacteria

  • Due to viruses

  • Skin contact with an infected person

  • Weak immune system

  • Due to fungus


  • Raised Bumps

  • Rough Skin

  • Ulcers

  • Cracked skin

  • Skin Growths

  • Excessive Flushing

  • Lashes

  • Peeling skin

These are just some symptoms. There are many others.

Tips to Prevent Skin Disorders:

As discussed earlier, contact doctor if you are facing any skin disorder. But here are some tips that can prevent skin disorders and recover your skin.

  • Take a bath daily.

  • Don’t hug or shake hands with an infected person.

  • Try not to touch things in public places. If necessary, clean or wash your hands after that.

  • Eat foods that are good for skin health such as collagen peptides.

  • Get adequate sleep.

  • Avoid sharing your glasses with other persons.

  • Don’t share your personal belongings with outsiders.

  • Drink a good amount of water daily.

  • Eat foods that are rich in nutrients. To read about these food items visit: Best Food Blogs

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