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Medical Billing as a Home Business, or as a Work at Home Job

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Medical Billing as a Work at Home Job

Medical billing professionals are usually able to work independently from home since medical billing software can easily facilitate electronic billing of patients, health insurers and government health agencies like Medicaid and Medicare from through their home computers. However, most of these opportunities are for experienced medical billing professionals only. 

Medical Billing as a Home Business

A medical billing or medical coding home business could have good potential for success and have been growing in popularity. One of the reasons for this growth is the wide availability of online training in medical billing and medical billing software, as well as the increased need to transfer medical records into digital form.

Like any home business, starting a medical billing and coding home business is much easier if you already have some medical billing experience to your credit and you've received full training before you decide to go it alone. Additionally, you'll have gained some contacts during your medical billing employment that will help in establishing your customer base. 

Other things you need for a medical billing or home business include:

A business license. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce and with your state officials about licensing requirements.

A computer, printer, and fax, as well as accounting and billing software and fast Internet connection

Medical billing and coding software, which ranges between $500 and several thousand dollars. Much of it should be geared toward processing HCFA 1500s, the standard claim form used by health plans.

Medical billing and coding reference books. The recommended ones are the ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS Expert 2000, plus the CDT-3 for dentists.

Marketing Your Medical Billing Home Business

Like any service-based home business, getting your first clients may be your biggest challenge. If you're coming from a medical billing background, you can ask your former employer to be a client or network with the people you know in the industry to find work. Visiting or calling local doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals can be another way to find work. Don't forget that many mental health professionals also need billing and coding services.

Medical Billing Clearinghouses

An electronic medical billing clearinghouse acts as a middleman that takes electronic medical claims information and then submits it electronically to insurance companies the medical billing clearinghouse contracts with. Many who run medical billing businesses, however, fail to take advantage of this time saver in their medical billing and coding practices.

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