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  1. Adequate sleep is required by the body to reset and prepare itself for the next day. The brain also needs to rest. The best way to give the brain time to rest is to sleep. While you sleep, your brain stays active but the workload is reduced. Some people suffer from trouble sleeping. If not handled properly it may become a chronic condition and affect physical and mental health. A lesser amount of sleep can also cause depression and anxiety. Some lifestyle habits and diet can cause trouble to sleep. You may not sleep well due to any health disorder. Some lifestyle habits and foods that contain melatonin such as grass fed beef bone broth can reduce stress and improve sleep. In this article, we will discuss the role of melatonin in sleep and foods that contain melatonin. What is Melatonin: Our body makes various hormones naturally. Melatonin is one of them. Melatonin is found in various areas of the body such as eyes, gut, bone marrow, and brain. Melatonin aids sleep and also known as the sleep hormone. There are various other benefits of melatonin: It supports eyes health Improves digestion Prevent heartburn Treat stomach ulcers Reduce symptoms of tinnitus Melatonin Rich Foods: Various healthy foods contain melatonin. Consuming these foods can increase the quality of sleep. Here are some of them. Animal foods: Animal products are rich in protein and calcium. Various animal products contain a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Animal products such as bone broth, milk, and cheese also contain melatonin. Previously, eggs were criticized and blamed responsible for increasing cholesterol levels in the body. But according to new studies, eggs are a great source of protein and contain other minerals and hormones including melatonin as well. Some seafood such as fish also contains melatonin. Plant Foods: Such as animal foods, some plant foods also obtain melatonin. Some cereals, germinated legumes, and some seeds contain a good amount of melatonin. Nuts are the rich source of melatonin in plant foods. Conclusion: Melatonin plays a vital role in your sleep. Our body creates melatonin naturally. Some animal and plant foods are also a good source of melatonin.
  2. Sleep apnea is a sleeping and breathing condition. While sleeping, sometimes breathing stops for a short period of time. This condition is known as sleep apnea. It is due to the shortage of oxygen in the lungs. A shortage of oxygen can cause gasp and they often wake up with stopped breath. In some cases, people even don’ know that they have stopped breathing and they woke up due to it. Sleep apnea can cause various health problems. If left untreated, it can become severe and leave long term effects. Health Problems Caused by Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea becomes severe if left untreated. Here are some of the health problems which can be caused due to sleep apnea: Sleep trouble Mental health problems. Weaken immune system Memory loss Heart-related diseases Sleep apnea is not a very serious disease it can be even prevented with home remedies. In some conditions, breathing devices are also required to cure it. Medication and surgery are also required in some cases. By improving your lifestyle and eating healthy foods such as grass fed beef bone broth you can prevent and cure sleep apnea. Lifestyle Remedies: There are various traditional treatments for sleep apnea which are very effective. In this article, we will discuss some of them. Maintain a Healthy Weight: A healthy weight is very important for overall health. If you are below weight or overweight, this can cause various health problems. By maintaining the weight you can get all essential nutrients and prevent obesity. Obesity can cause trouble while breathing as nasal passages become narrow. Do Yoga: Regulate exercise can improve your overall health. Regular exercise maintains weight and improves sleep apnea. Yoga is very important for you if you are facing sleep apnea. Yoga strengthens the respiratory system and encourage oxygen flow. Other Remedies: Eat a healthy and low carb diet such as keto broth. Change your sleep position. Use a humidifier in an emergency. Avoid drugs including alcohol. Prevent smoking. Conclusion: Sleep apnea is a condition in which you wake up due to breath stops while sleeping. BY following some healthy home remedies and tips you can prevent and cure it.
  3. Days and nights are for different purposes. Days are for work and nights are for sleep. Getting proper sleep can impact your health positively. Almost 8 hours of sleep is recommended every day. After 8 hours of sleep, you will feel relaxed and energetic. Your mind has refreshed itself and ready to work efficiently again. Without getting proper sleep, you will feel tired and unable to focus on work. If sleeping late and getting up early is your routine after some time it will start harming your health. You will face heart problems, laziness, and digestion issues. You will lose your creativity and consciousness. Some people try to sleep but they are unable to sleep properly. If you are facing trouble sleep you can improve your lifestyle and diet to get proper sleep. Trouble sleep could be due to many reasons. Depression, tension, disease, unhealthy diet, and bad lifestyle are some of them. You may not get proper sleep if you are hungry or if you have overeaten. In this article, we will discuss some tips to prevent trouble sleep. For more health or food-related blogs, visit the best food blogs. Do Something Relaxing: Before sleeping, you can do something relaxing. This will make you feel better and you can sleep easily. For example, before sleeping, you can take a warm bath or offer prayer. Avoid Alcohol: Avoid alcohol before sleep. It can create trouble for your sleep. Alcohol is also bad for your overall health and can damage hormones that aids in sleep. Avoid Heavy Meals: Food is directly connected to your health. Eat healthy foods in small portions but avoid eating before 2 to 4 hours to bedtime, If you really want to eat something just eat lightly. Avoid heavy meals. Avoid Screens: Avoid watching TVs or using other gadgets before one hour to bedtime. Otherwise while laying on the bed your brain will think about that and you will face trouble sleeping. Choose a Comforting Bedroom: Turn off the lights of your room, make it dark and silent. If your room is dark and silent, your brain will not focus on the things in the room. You will get a comfortable sleep. Otherwise, your brain will focus on the happenings in the room and you will face trouble sleeping. Eat Healthy Diet: Eat a healthy diet because an unhealthy diet can cause a disturbance for digestion and you will suffer it. Eat foods that aid in sleep and digestion such as bone broth. Exercise Regularly: Do you know, you can get better sleep by exercising regularly. According to research doing exercise in the day time can improve your sleep. Conclusion: By practicing good sleep hygiene and adopting a good lifestyle people can get a comfortable sleep.
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