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  1. For Optimum health, our body needs many essential vitamins and minerals. Without these vitamins and minerals, we can’t enjoy a healthy life. It plays its role in various processes in our bodies. It is also required by 300 enzymes to work properly. Zinc maintains our immune system and metabolizes nutrients in the bodies. It also helps in growing and repairing tissues. One fact about zinc is, our body can’t store zinc. To meet daily zinc requirements for our body, we must consume enough zinc daily. According to various studies, it is recommended that women should consume 8 mg of zinc daily. And Men should consume 11 mg of zinc daily. Men’s bodies require more zinc than women. However, if women are pregnant or breastfeeding, they may need 11 to 12 mg of zinc daily. Some people may be deficient in ZInc. Some are at high risk of zinc deficiency including breastfeeding women and young children. Only a balanced diet can prevent deficiency of zinc. Eat zinc-rich foods to meet the zinc requirements for the body daily. Deficiency in Zinc can cause various problems to our health. Health Problems by Zinc Deficiency: Deficiency in Zinc can cause many short and long term health problems. These problems include: Poor immune system. Slow wound healing. Diarrhea. It can cause a common cold. Age-related vision loss. Macular degeneration Here are some foods that are rich in Zinc: Meats Dairy Shellfish Eggs Legumes Whole Grains Bone Broth Seeds Vegetables Nuts Dark Chocolate If you still think that consuming these foods are not enough for you or if you think you are deficient in zinc, consult your doctor.
  2. Sometimes you might want to lose weight faster due to some occasion or sometimes you just want to become healthier faster. It urges you to lose weight faster. You can lose 5 kg in a week. It seems a difficult task but you can achieve your goal by a good exercise and diet strategies. But one thing is very important to keep in mind. If you lose weight very fast, there are more chances you will gain that weight faster. Losing weight faster will remove water from your body and when you start eating normally, water gain will increase again and you will gain weight again. Removing fat from the body is important to reduce the actual weight. The best way to do it is to diet and exercise properly. Tips to Reduce 5kg in a Week: Here are some tips that can help you in achieving your goal of losing 5kg in one week. Change Your Diet It is very important for you to check what you are eating. You can’t lose weight without the foods that you should eat. You can’t reduce your weight without skipping the food that you should not eat. Here are some tips that you should follow related to your diet. Cut back on Your Carbohydrates Include Lean Protein in Your Every Meal Eat Non-Starchy Vegetables Daily. Drink a good Quantity of Fluid, especially water. Prevent Alchohol and smoking. Reduce Caffeine Intake. Drink Matcha, Green tea, and bone broth. They can aid in weight loss. Don’t eat anything 4 hours before bed. Exercise Daily: 150 minutes of cardio daily. Do interval training for 2 to 3 days. Increase physical activity. Skip Snacks. Other Lifestyle Changes: Sleep 7 to 9 hours each night. Take an OTC diuretic. Manage Stress.
  3. Having weaker bones can cause a lot of trouble as we age. During our childhood, we ignore food and exercise that can make our bones stronger and healthy. We only realise this mistake when it is too late. Bones are the most important part of our body, and taking care of them should be our priority. Some processed foods, beverages and lack of exercise can cause your bone density to go down. What this does is make your bones weaker. You start to notice crack noises from your bones, or pain while you walk or stand. The only way to treat this issue is either to take heavy medication, or you can go for an alternative way. That is much healthier and natural. What you should do is include healthy foods in your diet such as chicken broth. That will make your bones strong. Although there are many foods that can fix this issue, you should be taking foods that are highly nutritious. Another way is to do strength training. By doing this you will improve the core strength hence making your bones strong. With the addition to building stronger bones, you should also focus on your muscle strength that helps in keeping your bones together. Now let’s discuss the 3 ways how you can build stronger bones. 1: Consume Calcium-Rich Foods The most important mineral that your bones require is calcium, and to improve your bone health the first thing you should do is to consume enough calcium-rich foods. You should include chicken broth that is made from bones, they are rich in calcium and many other nutrients. You should include milk in your diet. Have a cup of milk in your breakfast or before your sleep. The average amount of calcium you need on a daily basis is around 1000mg. In older people, this range goes above to 1200mg per day. Dont go crazy and eat foods that contain a great amount of calcium in them. Doing such a thing won’t do any benefit because your body won’t be able to absorb a huge amount of calcium in one go. It is better to take a small amount of calcium throughout the day. The most important thing is never to take calcium from supplements as they can cause serious health problems. Always consume foods that are rich in calcium and take your daily nutrition need from those foods. 2: Maintain a Healthy Weight Weight can have a huge impact on your bone health. Whether you are overweight of underweight. Both these can effect the health of your bones. If you are underweight then there are chances that you will suffer from arthritis in the future. The same thing goes for people who are obese. There are increased chances of fractures in obese people due to their extra weight. Maintaining a stable and healthy weight will make your bones strong and healthy when you maintain your weight you are not putting your bones under stress which can lead to unhealthy and weaker bones. Doing proper strength training and eating healthy foods will help you in maintaining your weight. Even a little morning walk can help if it’s done with a healthy diet. 3: Eat Protein-Rich Foods Getting enough protein is vital for our bones. Our bones are made with 50% protein. Like we discussed above that calcium is important for your bones. Same goes with protein. There are several studies that showed people who consume less amount of protein are prone to lose bone mass as they age, but those who consumed more than 110g of protein every day will have healthier bones as they age. Foods like chicken broth and are high in calcium and protein that makes them the perfect food for your bone health. CONCLUSION: If you follow these 3 ways, then you can have strong and healthy bones. There are many other things that you should take into consideration. 1) Dont use beverages, 2) Dont overeat, 3) Stop taking sugar instead use natural sources for your sugar intake. If you dont take care of your bones, it will cause some serious health issues in the future. Eat protein, calcium-rich foods and maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Coronavirus is a newly discovered infectious disease. Most people can recover this diseases without any special treatment. But people who are underlying medical problems, coronavirus can develop serious illness for them. You will suffer mild to moderate respiratory illness while infected by the COVID-19 virus. This virus can spread by nose or mouth droplets of saliva when a person sneeze or cough. There are no specific treatments or vaccines for this infectious disease. But you can keep yourself safe by doing certain precautions. Precautions to Prevent Coronavirus: Precautions are the only way to prevent COVID-19. Here are some of them. Wash Your Hands Frequently: Clean your hands regularly. Wash them thoroughly with clean soap and water. Use alcohol-based hand rub (sanitizer). Doing these will kill viruses on your hands. Maintain Social Distance: Maintain distance with other individuals. Maintain at least 3 feet distance with the person who is sneezing and coughing. This will help you in preventing inhaling of droplets that contain the COVID-19 virus. Eat Healthy and Clean Foods Before eating any food wash it properly. Because COVID-19 can survive in the air for 3 hours and can stick to your food. Eat foods that make your immune system strong such as bone broth. A strong immune system can fight coronavirus and prevent it from destroying your lungs. Avoid Touching Mouth, Nose, and Eyes Don’t touch your nose, hands, and eyes. Because the virus can stick on your hands while touching surfaces of things. While touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, it can get into your body from these parts. Practice Respiratory Hygiene: Follow good respiratory hygiene and make sure people around you and your family members are also following it. While sneezing or coughing don’t cover your mouth with hands. Cover your mouth with bent elbow or tissue. If you used a tissue. Don’t use it again. Dispose it immediately.
  5. There are various diets that are trending these days. If one can work for someone it doesn’t mean it will obviously work for you. Everyone’s body is different and it responds differently to every diet. If someone can lose weight with the keto diet maybe you can’t. If you can improve your skin by master cleanse diet, maybe someone can’t. Before starting any diet, you must discuss it with your doctor. He will perform some tests for your body and let you know if this particular diet will suit you or not. In this article, we will discuss some diets, maybe any of them is good for you for weight loss. Some diets can be good for hairs, skin, nails and other body parts. Top Trending Diets: Here are some diets that are trending and work for weight loss, skin care, hair care, nails, and many other things. Atkins Diet Master Cleanse Diet Vegan Diet Paleo Diet The Dukan Diet The 5:2 Diet The Zone Diet Ketogenic Diet South Beach Diet Just for understanding what is meant by any specific diet and how it is named we will discuss two of the above mentioned. Atkins Diet: Atkins diet is a weight loss diet. It is the most famous low carb diet that is trending from recent years. It is famous to reduce weight without staying hungry. It consisted of four stages. At the initial stage, it allows to consume unlimited protein and fat but reduce carbs to 20 grams per day. At second stage it asks to add carbs back in 5-gram increments to maintain the loss and reduce weight. According to various studies, the Atkins diet has shown the best results for weight loss. It is not only effective for weight loss but it also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Master Cleanse Diet: The lemonade diet is another name for the master cleanse diet. It is a modified lemon juice that is used for weight loss. For at least 10 days, no solid food is eaten while following the master cleanse diet. While following the master cleanse diet, it is the only source of nutrients for the body. It cleanses your body of toxins, melts fat, and improves skin. Start following this diet gradually. Because just skipping the foods and drink lemonade may not work as exactly for your body as you think. Here are tips on how you should start following the master cleanse diet. Cut out processed foods for Day 1 and 2. Prevent consuming alcohol, meat, and caffeine. Also, try to cut added sugars and dairy. Eat vegetables, fruits, and raw whole foods for day 1 and 2. On day 3 start enjoying liquid diets such as bone broths, smoothies, vegetable juices, pureed soups, and fruit juices. Start drinking only orange juice and water on day 4. For additional calories, you should add maple syrup. Drink laxative tea on day 4 before bed. On day 5 start drinking organic master cleanse.
  6. Anagen, catagen, and telogen are three stages of hair growth. The first stage is the anagen stage. It lasts between two to six years and also known as the growth stage. The second stage is catagen that comes after anagen. It is the stage for renewal for the hair follicles. The third stage is telogen, This is the last stage and hair stops growing at this stage. On average, human hairs can grow about six inches per year. In this article, we will discuss what we can do to grow hairs and to make them healthy. Tips to Grow Hairs: Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Your diet should include food items that are good for the health of growth such as collagen. Scalp massage is also good for the hairs. Trim your hairs regularly to cut damaged and broken hairs. Don’t wash hairs too often and don't wash them with warm water. Washing them with warm water softens their roots that can damage hairs. Don’t brush your hair too often. Switch your pillow covers. Lower your stress level. Protect your hair from dust and heat. Drink plenty of water. Use a good conditioner for your hair. Don’t wrap your hair in a towel. Disinfect Your Hair. Rinse your hair with vinegar. Give a hot oil massage. Avoid hair colors and hair treatments. Don’t brush wet hair. Don’t use a hot towel. Don’t use rubber hairbands and prevent tight hairstyles.
  7. Parts of the body where bones meet are called joints. Joints allow our bones to move. Hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows, all are examples of joints. Soreness, discomfort or aches in the joints can cause joint pain. Joint pain is very common and you can prevent it by taking certain precautions. How early we can get rid of joint pain depends on various factors, Sometimes, joint pain is due to injury, illness or sudden pressure on joint. What Causes Joint Pain? Arthritis is one of the most common reasons for joints pain. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis (OA) are the two main forms of joint pain. Osteoarthritis affects commonly used joints such as hands, hips, knees, and wrists. Cartilage serves as a shock absorber and cushion for the joints. OA affects cartilage and destroys it. RA can debilitate and deform the joints. It can create fluid in the joints, it can cause pain and inflammation. Some other causes of joints pain include bursitis, gout, tendinitis, cancer, joint overuse, and rickets. Role of Vitamin 😧 Vitamin D is very important for bone health. It is used to regulate calcium in our bodies. Bones become weak and soften if your body is deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D can make bones stronger and prevent many major diseases of bones. Sources of Vitamin 😧 There are various sources to get a good amount of Vitamin D. These sources include: ● Sunshine ● Oily Fish ● Bone Broth ● Mushrooms ● Fortified Milk ● Cereals ● Egg yolks Ending Thoughts: Eating foods that are rich in vitamin D and exposure to natural sunshine can give you a good amount of vitamin D.
  8. Cracks at the corner of the mouth are also known as Angular Cheilitis. Where your lips make an angle or meet, angular cheilitis can cause red, swollen patches there. Angular stomatitis and perleche are the other names for angular cheilitis. It could be on one side of your mouth or both. What are the Symptoms? In the corners of your mouth, the main thing you will notice is soreness and irritation. They may be: bleeding Cracked Itchy Red Swollen Blistered Crusty Painful Scaly Your lips will dry, burning and you will feel uncomfortable and bad taste. What are the Causes? Sometimes, In the corners of your mouth, saliva gets trapped and builds up there. When it gets dry, skin in the area cracks. Moisture and warmth in the corners support fungus to grow and multiply. Improving your Diet can Help: Sometimes it is due to the deficiency in minerals, Iron, Zinc or vitamin B2. By improving your diet, you can get rid of Angular Cheilitis. Increase the amount of iron in your body by consuming iron-rich vegetables such as spinach, leafy green vegetables, soybeans, and lentils. lamb and beef are also rich in iron. You can consume Beef Bone Broth to get a good amount of many essential nutrients. Cheese, lamb, beef, mackerel, and tuna are rich in Vitamin B2.
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