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Is Sonoma Diet Really Effective for Weight Loss

Anna Smith


There are various diets trending for weight loss. Keto diet, paleo diet (read more about paleo vs keto diet), Sonoma diet, and boiled egg diet are some of them. Every diet claim that it is effective for weight loss. Almost all of them are effective for weight loss but some can cause a nutritional deficiency in the body.


In this article, we will discuss the Sonoma diet.

What is Sonoma Diet?

This diet is created by Dr. Connie Guttersen. Guttersen is a professional dietitian and author. According to the book, the Sonoma diet can shed some extra pounds in the first 10 days. It also claims health improvement.

This book also includes effective plan to beat sugar addiction. While following the Sonoma diet, you can consume plenty of foods including olive oil, lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. It is not a low carb diet but still, it restricts certain foods that are rich in carbs. Artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and saturated fats are also not encouraged.

How Sonoma Diet Works?

There are 3 phases of Sonoma diet. These phases are called waves. The first wave is short and restrictive than others. Gradually, conditions are removed and the other two waves are less restrictive.

Here are the foods that are the part of each wave.

  • Blueberries

  • Tomatoes

  • Grapes

  • Bell peppers

  • Almonds

  • Whole grains

  • Strawberries

  • Broccoli

  • Spinach

  • Olive oil

These foods are the part of the diet because they are rich in various nutrients and are not processed. These foods contain healthy fats, fiber, a good amount of various vitamins, and minerals.

While following this diet, you are allowed to eat 3 meals a day. You can also eat only one snack per day if you still feel hungry.

Its Effects for Weight Loss:

There are no scientific researches to support the Sonoma diet’s effectiveness for weight loss. But as it is like a Mediterranean diet, it may have some weight loss effects.

Sonoma diet encourage eating low-calorie whole foods and prevent eating processed and added sugar fruits. These eating plans can regulate appetite and boost metabolism. As the Sonoma diet lowers calorie intake, it results in boosting the weight loss process.

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