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Is Boiled Egg Diet Effective for Weight Loss

Anna Smith


Eggs are a great source of protein. The boiled eggs diet claims positive effects for weight loss. Diet is not only based on har boiled eggs but it also includes servings of low carb fruits and non-starchy vegetables. In some servings, lean proteins are also included.

Some people praise this diet and some criticize. No doubt eggs are effective for weight loss but this diet very difficult to follow.

In this article, we will discuss the effects of the boiled egg diet for weight loss.


Boiled Egg Diet:

It is not a very complex diet. It is just an eating plan by Arielle Chandler. He published it in his book that was released in 2018.

This diet includes one or two servings of low carb fruits daily. Not-starchy vegetables should also be consumed with every meal or throughout the day. Eggs should be consumed with every meal. You can also consume any other source of lean protein with every meal instead of eggs.

This diet claims to shed around 11 kg in 2 weeks. As it is a low-calorie and low carb diet plan. 

According to the creator of this diet, it contains a good amount of the nutrients that are beneficial for overall health. It improves blood sugar levels in the body and improves vision. In can improve hair health strengthen nails, and increase the density of the bones.

Which Foods are Allowed:

There are plenty of foods that you can consume while following this diet. Here is a list of foods that are allowed.

Eggs: You can eat both parts of the eggs. Egg yolk and egg white.

Lean Proteins: Various lean protein sources such as poultry, lamb, pork, and others are allowed. People also use bone broth powder as an alternate.

Non Starchy Vegetables: Non-starchy vegetables can also be consumed. Spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, and some others are allowed. Keto broth can also be consumed as it is low-carb.

Low carb fruits, beverages, fats and oils, herbs, and spices are also allowed.

Can you Lose Weight With it?

Boiled egg diet is effective for weight loss as it mostly consists of healthy and weight loss-friendly foods. Low carb fruits, other foods, and non-starchy vegetables are effective for weight loss and this diet contains all.

It is a calorie deficit diet that makes it effective for weight loss.


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