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Red Eyes Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Banhi Maun


Red eyes are a common condition present with red veins or dilated blood vessels appears over the white part of the eyeball (sclera) also known as bloodshot eyes. It can occur one or both the eyes. Red eye or bloodshot eye has lots of eye health related causes, this is primary symptom of eye diseases.

Know the Main causes of Red Eyes (Bloodshot Eyes):-

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye: Conjunctiva is a thin layer placed over white part(sclera) get infected by bacteria, virus, fungus symptoms are mainly red eye or pink eye, watering, discharge, photophobia. We need to observe this condition if redness is present for 2 days with these other symptoms definitely consult with eye doctor. Children are prone to infection because it is contagious. 

Eye allergy: Redness is first sign of any allergies it may skin allergy, nasal allergy, sometimes food allergy, bloodshot eye is a sign of allergy due to dust, smoke or air pollution, pollen, fume, while swimming (chlorine water), sunlight expose, etc.

Glaucoma: Sometimes fluid production of eyeball obstruct by narrow way result is increase eye pressure in eyeball, damage of optic nerve, red eyes, headache, red veins, paining, dim vision. One of very serious cause of red eyes need a specialised glaucoma consultation.

Dry Eye: Tears production is less and evaporates very frequently it cause dry eye, signs are prominent red vein on white surface of eye ball, burning of eyes, tiredness, ropy discharge, uncomfortable contact lens wear.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage: Bloodshot eyes because blood vessels break under conjunctiva bleeding will present over white part(sclera), appearance is very scary. Causes are sudden trauma or eye injuries, whooping cough, Wight lifting, hard sneezing, hard rubbing, sometimes unknown cause of bloodshot eye.

Uveitis: Red eyes is a symptom of inflammation of uvea, the vascular brown (Iris) along with red veins on white surface, mild pain, dryness, uveitis is a side effect of arthritis.

Get Rid of Red Eyes without any Medication (Home Remedies): 

  1. If you have bloodshot eyes due to dust, smoke, other allergy or sometimes eyes get dry for long use of computer then use cold water to wash eyes, place cold ice pack over red eyes it will make your eyes comfortable and stable. Take sufficient time sleep.
  2. Artificial tear drops are safe, use over-the-counter tear drops to make moist eyes, after sleep eyes get red because inadequate oxygen supply to cornea. Never use steroid drops without any prescription or doctor consultation.
  3. Try to avoid touching eyes, never touch infected eye with another eye, wash hand because cleanliness is important who are prone to infection. Other family members, friends have to careful to infection case. 
  4. Try to avoid dust, pollutions, pollen, fumes, swimming pool water (chlorine water), wear sunglass, protective goggles. Never share contact lens, towel, handkerchief to others.

Treatment of Red eyes or Bloodshot Eyes:-

Person with red eye need observation up to 2days, it may occur with pain, tenderness, foreign body sensation, watering, discharge, burning, swelling around eye, dimness of vision, these conditions are serious symptoms to consult with eye doctor or Ophthalmologist. Doctor will determine the main pathological cause of redness and person has to keep passions for assessments of particular disease and take effective treatments.

Know More Information about Red Eyes: https://eyesight4you.com/red-bloodshot-eyes-causes-symptoms-treatments


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